Gearbox Acquires Homeworld from THQ

/ 5 years ago


Old school RTS Homeworld developer by Relic Games was auctioned off last week as part of the closing of their publisher THQ.

A winner has emerged, and now own the rights to do whatever they please with the series. Maybe they just re-release them or make a proper sequel. For $1.35 million, Gearbox are now the proud owners of the franchise. In case you aren’t familiar with Gearbox you might know they as the Borderlands developer.

We do know some of the other bidders as well, like 3rd place finisher, PC publisher Paradox, who “would have loved to work on that IP but wish the winners all the best and hope for a great HW3.” Stardock, another PC-focused publisher, placed 2nd for the series, which would have been a great fit considering their game Sins of a Solar Empire is very similar.

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There was also a group of fans trying to pick up the IP, and they even had an Indiegogo to raise funds. As valiant of an effort as they put up, they weren’t even close to purchasing the rights.

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