Unlock All Steam Trading Cards in 2 Minutes?

/ 3 years ago

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Someone wrote to eTeknix today with information regarding a tutorial that claims to allow you to unlock every single Steam trading card for each of your games in just 2 minutes.

A guy who goes by the name of BigC90210 who belongs to ‘Northern Gamers UK’ has created a video that supposedly shows him unlocking every single trading card for all of his Steam games.

He says that by using a piece of software from GitHub called ‘idlemaster’ and by performing a few tricks, you can essentially get all your cards with no effort at all. Apparently, the program “uses a token” which connects to your account via a web browser and dupes the server into believing you’ve unlocked all of your cards.

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A number of commenters beneath his video claim to have had success, with one or two who haven’t. Though, if it does work, and Valve find out about this, I guess it won’t be around much longer.

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  • Matthew Beckett

    Do the games need to be installed? Because if not I can run this on a server.

  • Jonathan Vazquez Duran

    And you get a free steam ban.

  • Sethos

    Oh, a little piece of software that connects to my steam account. How quaint. That smells of an account logger.