Unlocking of cellphones became illegal in U.S. on January 26th

/ 5 years ago

The 26th January saw that the unlocking of cellphones or tablets is considered as a crime in the United States. This started in October 2012 when the Librarian of Congress laid down the rule in Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that unlocking cellphones will be illegal. There is a 90-day window period offered to people before the law applies to people with unlocked gadgets.

For those who don’t know, unlocking is a term used to “unshackle” cellphones that is locked to use a particular cellphone carrier that the cellphone company partnered with. Unlocking the phones gives freedom to the end users to use their phone with any of their desired carrier.

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Will this law stop people to unlock phones or will this law slowly creep through other countries?

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One Response to “Unlocking of cellphones became illegal in U.S. on January 26th”
  1. of course they will try to bring that law to other countries. Although I think EU has proved that it is skeptical abt such laws…

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