Unreal Engine 4 Demo Leaks From GDC

/ 4 years ago


This impressive tech demo is something Epic Games have been showing developers and the press, all week at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. Everyone was wondering whether or not this would be a game or not, but Epic’s Mark Rein has revealed that it is not. Which I don’t think is that surprising, after you consider the exits they recently had and the new minority stock owner Tencent Holdings doesn’t really make games. It’ll be interesting to see what their plans are after Fortnite gets released. The speculation is they will exclusively be working on their Unreal Engine, which makes total sense. So many games currently use the 3rd iteration of their massively popular engine, that there’s plenty of money to be made with the upcoming 4th Unreal Engine.

All we know so far on the presentation is that nothing was drawn, everything was rendered, even the long distance stuff. The demo was running on a single, unmodified Nvidia GTX 680, a cool fact indeed. One has to wonder how much further they could have pushed it with superior hardware. Not only that, but I’m really looking forward to the advancements they can push out while the next-generation chugs along. The first Gears of War looked amazing (and still does considering how long ago that was), but what the current Unreal Engine 3 is capable of doing now is leaps and bounds ahead of that.

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In more news regarding the engine, they have gone on record stating that it will not be on the Wii U. In total honesty though, I don’t think anyone was expecting that, as the Wii U is only a slight step above current generation consoles. You can mark this news up as, no d’uh.


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