The Upcoming Doom Gameplay Trailer Is Amazing

/ 2 years ago

doom 4 screenshot

Computer games have really come a long way since we saw the first 3D shooters such as Terminator Rampage and Wolfenstein 3D, but it was Doom that changed the genre and laid the foundation for the 3D shooters that we know today.

A lot of time has passed since those first days back in 1992-94 and we’ve just been shown how the latest game in the series. It is the fourth Doom game but won’t go by Doom 4, instead will just be called Doom and it looks absolutely amazing.

We’ve previously had a 4-second teaser, but nothing like the gameplay demo shown at the E3 2015 Bethesda Press Conference.

The new game seems to follow the old principles, the way it has to be. It is definitely a doom game, just with very advanced graphics in comparison to the originals. You fight monsters from hell with a wide array of devastating weapons.

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Speaking of weapons, you’ll find the ones you want from a Doom game. There is the trusty shotgun, the double barrel shotgun for devastating kills, the plasma rifle, and most importantly the chainsaw. The video also showcases finish moves against all kinds of enemies, available when parts of them have been shot up.

This is Doom, so expect violence in the video below. Oh, and the release date is set for Q2 2016, so you’ll need some patience and play the waiting game a little longer.

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