Upgraded R9 290X LIGHTNING Revealed By MSI

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MSI have just revealed their latest graphics card, and while we are already familiar with their epic LIGHTNING range, their latest one has been tweaked to offer even faster performance! There are dozens of improvements that have been implemented to the MSI 290X LIGHTNING already that make it one of the most powerful single GPU’s on the market today, such as a 2 x 8-pin and 1 x 6-pin power connectors that ensure the card always has a minimum of 450W available to it for high-end overclocking. With serious power comes serious responsibility, for powerful cooling. The TriFrozr cooler has been optimized to offer class-loading cooling performance, and since we know how toasty the 290X hardware can get, it’s certainly a welcome upgrade.

Optimized memory has been implemented to improve overclocking performance, and as part of the MSI OC series, the card has been given their official stamp of approval for extreme overclocking, handy if you have a passion for applying lots of LN2 cooling to your expensive new hardware then you can take advantage of a special LN2 BIOS on the card, no need for special modifications to push the card to its limits.

“Equipped with Military Class 4 components, the R9 290X LIGHTNING is built to withstand the toughest conditions, like sub-zero freezing or the high temperatures that occur when exorbitant amounts of power are used to crush world records. Because only the best components can provide the continued support of multiple world-record attempts.” said MSI in a recent release.

This card was already an absolute beast in terms of performance, and with a few little tweaks and improvements, it is now better than ever! While you may not want to chill it to sub-zero temperatures, this is still one of the greatest enthusiast level gaming graphics cards, should be pretty decent at crypto-currency mining too.

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Thank you MSI for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of MSI.

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