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Uri Geller Allows Nintendo to Use Kadabra Pokémon Again

In something that has undoubtedly represented one of the most bizarre pieces of gaming news (and trust me, I cover a lot of weird stuff), for the last 20-years Uri Geller has been in a legal battle/dispute with Nintendo over the use of the Kadabra Pokémon. Specifically, that with the character having both psychic abilities and holding spoons, he felt that this was a clear infringement on both himself and the magic act that arguably made him famous. Something that can’t, on a brief side note, help but remind me of when Billy Mitchell unsuccessfully sued Cartoon Network.

Well, it’s taken more than a little while, but following a Twitter post on his official account, Uri Geller has finally backed down and is now (for reasons as unclear as the initial lawsuit) allowing Nintendo to start using the character again. Well, presuming that they actually want to anymore!

Uri Geller Allows Nintendo to Use Kadabra Again!

Aside from the clear belief that he felt the character was a rip-off of himself (and his act), Uri Geller also expressed concerns that, with this association, he didn’t want to be compared with what he described as an “evil, occult Pokémon character”.

In a follow-up post, however, Uri Geller has since gone onto say that following masses of people contacting him over the years, specifically expressing their wish for him to allow this Pokémon to return, he has decided to officially ‘drop’ the ban.

What Do We Think?

Given the fact that Nintendo didn’t do much in fighting this matter, it would lead to the clear assumption that either they (or more likely their lawyers) agreed that Kadabra was bordering a little too heavily on infringement. With the ban now raised, however, if you have been desperate to add a Kadabra to your collection, all going well, something will happen in the very near future.

Albeit, even after all of the weird stuff I have written over the years, I still didn’t expect to have to think up a title like this!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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