US Army Working on Autonomous Convoy Project, Courtesy of Lockheed Martin

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We expect Google to be the main topic of discussion when it comes to autonomous vehicles, not to mention after the acquisition of Boston Dymamics and DeepMind. But this time we skip Google and go to the US military, where they are developing an autonomous convoy. If proved successful, the project will help trucks get supplies through hostile territory without having to put any soldiers at risk.

Lockheed Martin and the US Army have announced the completion of an autonomous demonstration that has shown the ability for an autonomous convoy to operate in an urban environment. The demonstration used multiple vehicles of different models. The demonstration happened at Fort Hood, Texas this month as a part of the Army and Marine Corps Autonomous Mobility Applique System program.

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The demo marked the completion of the Capabilities Advancement Demonstration and involved driverless tactical vehicles navigating hazards. The vehicles in the demo navigated obstacles like road intersections, oncoming traffic, stalled vehicles, and passing vehicles. The demo also faced the autonomous vehicles with pedestrian and traffic circles in urban and rural test areas. The demo proves that the software and hardware needed performed as designed.

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