US Cop Fired For Racial Abuse on Xbox Live

/ 2 years ago

xbox live

A Deputy from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has been fired after being caught on camera making racial threats over Xbox Live. Former Deputy Michael Slater abused a man known only as “David”, who was deliberately trolling Slater, while the two were facing off playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

An argument between the two men escalated, to the point where Slater shouted, “You about to come to a f*****g paid police officer’s house. I get paid to beat up n*****s like you.” Slater then, to prove his credentials as a police officer, gave “David” his badge number. Smart.

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A spokesperson for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that it was Slater’s voice in the video and that his position has been “terminated immediately after the sheriff became aware of the video.”

Source: Kotaku

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    Too fuckin’ right.

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    Too fuckin’ right.

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    Wow, you really don’t need a brain to be a cop!

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