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The United States government spent approximately $610 billion funding military defence in 2015, Cyber security? Well this is nearer 99p according to the latest revelations which have been exposed by online threat company Recorded Future, who has found login details of 47 United States Government agencies which are spread over 89 unique web domains.

The logins were found to be connected to the departments of Defence, Justice, Treasury and Energy as well as the CIA and the director of National Intelligence. There is nothing more comforting than a person who has been appointed the director of National Intelligence who could now find all of his documents at risk of being transferred by a Mr China, Mother Russia or Aunt Gladys from 21 Shepherds’ Bush.

Can it be any worse? Why yes, yes it can; when it’s revealed that 12 of these agencies including the department for State and Energy have allowed a minority of users to log into the network without any form of two-factor authentication, this leaves said department open to a variety of attacks including Phishing. I can just imagine it now, Mr let’s call him Mike from the office of State and Energy receives an email promising a free magazine subscription, he clicks on the link and next thing we know, 350 million Americans favourite new gadget is a torch.

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I do find it insulting to my intelligence; yes I do have a bit, to lambast the average consumer for not taking care with their details only to find government officials sensitive information has also walked off. I also find the recent announcement that all US government sites will have HTTPS as standard to be far too late in the day. If it becomes any worse then your favourite gadget will be batteries.

Image Courtesy of Security Affairs

Thank You Recorded Future for providing us with this information

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