US Government Wants To Create Experimental Wireless-Tech City

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The US Government are looking to push forward with their experimental city / town ideas. While building something isn’t completely out of the questions, they’re really looking for a couple of towns or cities to volunteer some of their land to test theories on “spectrum sharing.”

With much of the airwaves held by the US military and private TV broadcasters, they want to run experiments where more of the bandwidth is shared for individuals, this can be used for things like Wi-Fi connections and other connectivity applications and could pave the way for future wireless technology and internet applications, that are generally much faster than what is available today.

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The FCC and the NTIA want to test “one of more” cities with support for “rapid experimentation and development of policies, underlying technologies, and system capabilities.” The only thing that remains to be worked out is who will run these model cities, the FCC, the NTIA, the city itself, private companies or local government.

If it goes ahead it could prove vital for future technology deployment to more parts of the country, much like Google did when they first rolled out Fibre to small areas.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

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