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US School Safety Commission DOESN’T Blame Games!

US School Safety Commission DOESN’T Blame Games!

Whenever school safety (and violence) is discussed in a public forum, it always seems that video games are too often made to be the scapegoat. This is particularly true in America where blaming games is certainly a simpler (and less controversial) thing to do than for example, point the finger at prolific gun ownership.

In a report via Polygon, however, a recent US School safety Commission has (amazingly) played down the role games have on violence.

Did I Read That Correctly?

Oh, don’t get it wrong, the report does mention games. They are, however, very much a footnote rather than the focus of attention. In a 180-page report, the Federal Commission on School Safety has concluded that the biggest safety concern of violence at schools is (wait for it…) the ease in which firearms can be obtained.

Well, I never! For once, I agree entirely!


The report also gave the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) a pretty glowing report. They said: “According to a 2016 survey, 86 per cent of parents with children who play video games know about the ESRB’s rating system. And 73 percent say they check a computer or video game’s rating before buying it for their children. The ESRB rating system has gained high levels of trust among parents. Who regularly report being satisfied with the level of information as they choose which games to select for children.”

While I may not necessarily agree with their analysis of the ESRB (sounds more like parents giving the answers they think were expected of them), it is nice to see a report from America (on this subject) speaking so much sense. Has the world gone mad? Well, perhaps not as the report did also recommend arming school staff. Normal service quickly resumed!

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Mike Sanders

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