USA Threatening Venezuela With Political And Economic Sanctions

/ 4 years ago

nicolas_maduro_venezuela reports that the USA is exerting threats as well as political and economic sanctions in a bid to get Venezuela to revoke Snowden’s asylum, or hand the NSA whistleblower over to the USA if he arrives on American soil. With Snowden seeking temporary asylum within Russia in a bid to help him make the final move to a Latin American nation like Venezuela, the USA is worried that he might make it there and is preparing for the worst. The USA has already revoked the visas of entry to the USA for Venezuelan government officials and businessman associated with the current government in power in Venezuela.

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Additionally John Kerry, current American secretary of State, has threatened the Venezuelan foreign minister with a suspending the sale of gasoline to the Latin American country if Snowden is successfully received and processed for asylum. With such a potentially crippling threat it remains to be seen whether Venezuela will choose to uphold their values in favour of accepting Edward Snowden if that results in economic and political damage to Venezuela and its current government.

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