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The game distribution platform GOG has been big in the news the past week with their new list of Linux games and accompanying event sale. There was however a minor glitch in their system resulting in free games for a lot of people. Out of the blue, new games started popping up in users libraries.

GOG is a fair and very well liked site that offers all it’s games as DRM free versions. Many of their sites users are just as fair as the company and contacted them quickly to let them know about the bug. Many even offered to give back the games they hadn’t paid for.

Again GOG came out as the good guy on the block and offered up this statement about the issue:

Thank you for your honesty. Yesterday, due to a small glitch on our end, you and a bunch of other lucky people ended up getting games from the Linux Launch promo for free. Don’t worry, though, as it’s totally cool with us and you may keep them. Yes, we will not be removing these titles from your account and we do hope you will enjoy them! 🙂

Of course, if you prefer, like some of our community members, we can always remove them your shelf – just let us know replying to this email. Again, there’s no problem if you want to keep them 🙂

JuriJ Support

There is no surprise why so many gamers like and support this site, what would you have done if you got a load of free games, kept your mouth shut, or dropped them an email?

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Thank you inc garmers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of GOG.

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