Users Launch Class Action Suits Against Ashley Madison

/ 2 years ago

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Users of extramarital affair site Ashley Madison have launched class action lawsuits against its parent company Avid Life Media, accusing of being negligent in protecting customer data. Two suits have been filed – one in California, another in Texas – alleging that the company failed to implement adequate security measures to stop user data from being compromised, and failing to notify customers once their data had been breached.

“Among the data compromised and downloaded were profiles of individuals who executed the option to scrub their user profiles and all associated data and paid $19 to Defendants to do so, yet Defendants failed to actually scrub the data,” the lawsuit filed in US District Court for Central District of California reads, after the public leak of “highly-sensitive personal, financial, and identifying information of the website’s some 37 million users.”

“One of the primary purposes of Defendants product and services was confidentiality and anonymity,” reads the suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Further lawsuits have been reported in courts in California, Texas, and Missouri, plus another five in Canada.

Famed detective John McAfee has determined that the user data leak was an inside job, committed by a “woman”. Expect him to be called up as a key witness soon.

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