Using Hands-on GPS While Driving In Californa Is Now Illegal

/ 4 years ago

The lawmakers in the state of California have passed a new law which made it illegal for one to check their hands on GPS systems while driving in the hopes it will prevent most of the chances of accidents. This way drivers will not be distracted by driving, similar to how talking and texting while driving is banned.

However, there are certain issues while addressing this concern, while texting, talking and using hands-on GPS is deemed illegal, there are certain activities which could cause a distraction while driving such as changing the radio station, talking to passengers, eating, etc. is still considered legal. This way it would not be practical to make a single law to ban each activity while drives, but again a blanket law simply cannot be put up.

Studies have found that many distracted drivers often find a different way to distract themselves while driving to pass the time.

There have been cases where drivers argued that using the hands-on GPS should be allowed. But the court did not agree to him despite agreeing to certain oddities and therefore told that its the job of the lawmakers to decide what to so about it.

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The law doesn’t completely stop one to use the mapping system, but it should be setup in a way that it can be used hands free. Technically it makes you touching your mobile devices to access the navigation system as illegal. That being said, having a hands-free mapping software can help to dramatically reduce to distract a driver.

There are certain loop holes, such as many new cars with built-in touch only GPS systems that are legal to be used in California. But eventually, one wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturers will integrate voice-controlled devices in their GPS units. It should be noted that a voice-controlled devices would be considered as a distraction.

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One Response to “Using Hands-on GPS While Driving In Californa Is Now Illegal”
  1. Wayne says:

    I’m not wealthy enough to own a car with built in GPS so I use my phones but before I start driving I set my destination then clamp it in it’s cradle, stick it to the windscreen, turn down the volume of Linkin Park (if anybody played stuff like that in my car I’d throw them and the offending noise out of the window) and proceed. If I need to alter the destination, I pull off the road then do it. It doesn’t take the genius of Da Vinci to figure this out, just a bit of common sense and planning.

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