Valkyrie DRAGONFANG 360 AIO Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Unfortunately, the stock is currently in the process of finding its way to the UK. Valkyrie are actively working on this, so you may find some via Google Shopping Search here. We’ll update this as soon as we can, as they’re pushing to hit retailers like Amazon, Scan and others very soon.


I guess it’s not overly surprising that the Dragonfang and the SYN360 performed largely the same. They’ve both got the same fans, and the same underlying pump technology, and both have the same 360mm slim radiator. That being said, there will be a price difference between the two, and if you want a more premium LCD-display pump design, then the SYN360 is the way to go, with prices of around £180. however, the Dragonfang sticks with a more affordable, but still very much premium looking and performance ARGB configuration, and will be around £60 cheaper.

There’s a lot to be said about the build quality here, as it is largely excellent, with some great-looking fans, a stunning pump, and even little details such as a fully metal backplate, all of which go a long way to making this cooler stand out. The pump is whisper quiet too, even at high RPM it was never an issue.

Now, I have to drag this up again, but the fans are a little aggressive, but I said as much when I reviewed them, and when I reviewed the SYN360. I spoke to them about it, and they’re already hard at work creating new fans with a less aggressive fan curve, improved anti-vibration pads, and hopefully, ones that have a lower operating range, as 800-2150RPM is pretty high, when competing brands are using fans that start at around 400-500 RPM. However, I was able to get these fans down to just 30% PWM, and only gained 5c on the CPU temperature, and at that level, it was virtually silent, so be sure to set the fan speeds to suit your needs.

Should I Buy One?

Valerie is on the right track to become a really great cooling brand. Their unboxing experience may not seem that important, but there’s an attention to detail that really makes them stand out to me. I love that you get a little keyring too, not to be too easily sold on shiny trinkets, but well… it worked! The hardware looks stunning too, easily good enough to compete with the best from the rest, and when it comes to performance, it can keep our toasty i9-12900K running great, which is no small feat. Overall, if they can nail down the availability and prices in the UK sooner rather than later, I think they’re going to be a big hit with PC gamers!

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