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Valve Confirms a New Half-Life Game – No it’s Not THAT One

Ok, so we all know the memes about Valve and particularly Half-Life. Its been nearly 15 years now since the last game in the franchise was released and at this point, we could only surmise that the third instalment hasn’t arrived yet for 1 of three reasons:

  • Valve can’t count to 3
  • They’re terrified to announce it because of the weight of expectation
  • Gabe Newell enjoys trolling us about it too much

Well, brace yourselves folks, but Valve has just confirmed that a brand new Half-Life game is on the way. The bad news is, it isn’t Half-Life 3. What? You didn’t think that they were going to announce that did you?

Half-Life Alyx

So, what is Half-Life Alyx? Well, while not many details are not yet known about the game, we do know that it will be set within the Half-Life universe and it will be specifically designed for VR headsets.

With a formal reveal expected this Thursday (10 am PT or 6 pm GMT) the only other detail we have at the moment (beyond its name and VR platform) is that it is likely looking to release in March 2020.

You can, of course, already start seeing the community frothing at the mouth to get their ‘Half-Life 3 confirmed’ memes out there.

What Do We Think?

Despite the rather disappointing nature of the overall announcement (specifically that it isn’t Half-Life 3), this is far more positive than you might think. Valve is going to release a game! Something they haven’t done for a very long time now.

When you consider that there have been rumours that they were scaling back their game development sector on the whole, while it might not be the Half-Life game you want, it’s certainly a step in the right direction!

Will Half-Life Alyx be any good though? Well, we’ll get some kind of idea in just a couple days!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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