Valve Are Very Interested in Making a New Updated Steam Controller 2

Originally released back in 2015, some of you are possibly not aware that Valve actually discontinued the Steam Controller in late 2019. In fact, immediately leading up to its end-of-life, you could actually buy one for as a little as £5 making it, at least on the surface, a bit of a bargain. – Overall though, the Steam Controller did have a bit of a flaw. Namely, it all felt just a little… cheap. And the touchpad aspects? Not entirely intuitive. And before you ask, yes, I did own one so I’m not merely peddling someone else’s opinion here!

Overall though, while it proved a modest success in terms of sales, and regardless of my opinion, you’d struggle to find many people giving the Steam Controller the highest-levels of praise. – Following a report via GameReactor, however, it seems that Valve may be considering giving this another swing as rumours are suggesting that a Steam Controller 2 might be in consideration!

Valve is Considering a Steam Controller 2?

Likely coming off the back of the success seen with the Steam Deck, Valve has indicated that they are very much interested in making a Steam Controller 2, but at the moment are seemingly just waiting for the ‘right time’ to arrive.

What could represent the right time? – Well, one compelling theory is that Valve may look to release a Steam Controller 2 alongside a somewhat widely rumoured update/revision to the Steam Deck. This would, of course, make a lot of sense and particularly so since the controller could be sold either as a bundle or separately with high-levels of features and functionality tailored towards the portable gaming device.

Will it happen though? Well, at this precise moment, no. Valve does, however, seem very certain that they want to make a Steam Controller 2, and given that this is not a 3, we daresay that it will, sooner or later, happen. Let’s just hope that (no offence Valve) it’s a lot better than the original one!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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