Valve Not Exhibiting At E3 This Year – No Steam Box Coming Soon?

/ 4 years ago


Recently it emerged that Nintendo would not be holding a press event at the massive E3 gaming event this year. Now apparently it appears that Valve will not be holding a press event at this year’s E3 event either.


According to an email sent by Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of Marketing, Valve will not be exhibiting at this year’s E3 event. While Doug Lombardi kept things very simple, without elaborating on the reasons why they aren’t exhibiting, it is easy to conjur up some potentially significant implications of this.

The main point of intrigue surrounds the highly speculated “Steam Box” console. Valve were believed to be working on this with Xi3 but if you believed any of the recent speculation then this partnership fell through despite Xi3 releasing a press release to suggest the project was still continuing.  Valve are still working on the Steam Box it just appears to be even more under wraps than before and judging by the lack of E3 exhibitionism it would suggest that Valve will not have the Steam box ready for 2013, which is quite sad news indeed.

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Although, that said if you speculate one option you might as well speculate them all. E3 is only around the corner, that is June 11th to June 13th, and the next generation of consoles aren’t set to arrive until late 2013 – October-December. Maybe, Valve will have the Steam Box ready for then but they just won’t be ready in time for E3? In which case we may see a dedicated press event from Valve later this year.

Anyway, enough speculation from me. What are your thoughts on Valve not exhibiting at E3 this year? What do you think this means [for the Steam Box]?


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3 Responses to “Valve Not Exhibiting At E3 This Year – No Steam Box Coming Soon?”
  1. Wayne says:

    I couldn’t care less about Steam Box. I’d like to know if we’ll see Half Life 3 this century.

  2. Nickel Dare says:

    What Wayne said but..
    I don’t even care that much about HL3..
    I care if they plan to create ANY new game in this century..
    I mean some Full Price game, not DoTa… :/

  3. EV15ER8R says:

    LOL I always find it funny how people think the console war will end, the best thing for consumers is a console war between companies. Look at it this way if one company owns the market they will bend you over for the price of a console with maximum profits for the company. I hope the war never ends but if you do look at the way companies treat consumers I hope sony is always slightly in front. yes it may be biased but least they give a little bit more of a care factor than MS and nintendo aren’t really caring much these days which is a pity since they used to care. If steam release a console it will be good for consumers because steam always give good deals on games sooner or later. For example 2 weeks ago alan wake was on sale for less than $5 cheaper than any console and just the other day witcher 1 AND 2 was on sale for $10.20 AUD which is an insane price for a great series…GOD BLESS STEAM

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