Valve’s Gabe Newell predicts PC-to-TV video gaming feature to be standard

/ 5 years ago

Gabe Newell believes that PC will become living room friendly all thanks to the ability of the newer wireless streaming technology and the current structure of the market.

Its predicted that many users with a powerful enough gaming PC will be able to wireless stream the games to any TV as super-low latency.

Mr. Newell said,”The good news is that’s going to start at about $100 and eventually go down to zero. This will just become a standard feature of every television, the latency is basically nonexistent, so we really believe it’s a very low-cost pathway [to PC games in the living room] and a very high-quality path.”

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Newell added that PC’s have always scaled well compared to what consoles offer with a choice that you can add more storage and even the presence of many PC vendors who can build a $4,000 PC system for your living room. He also stated during DICE 2013 that if they’re able to bring greater user experience on a PC for the living room, there are lot of hardware choices out there that will satisfy even the consumer’s high-end needs.

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