Vega Secret Up With Superb Sound Quality Announced By Pantech

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Pantech has announced their high-end smartphone so far named the Vega Secret Up. The focus of this phone is on sound quality, a feature that most manufacturers ignore. Pantech is not a well-known company in terms of smartphones, but recently it started gaining some ground.

The Pantech Vega Secret Up features a 5.6-inch screen having a 1080p resolution, it has a Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at 2.3GHz along with 2GB RAM and comes with a 13-megapixels camera. It also has 16 GB and a decent 3,150 mAh battery, having it running on Android 4.2.2 with a custom skin.

Sound quality is the key feature on the Vega Secret Up, coming with native support for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), 24bit/192KHz and Qualcomm’s Dynamic Range Enhancement). There is also an optional accessory called “sound case” which acts as a speaker which amplifies the sound by vibrating differently to different sounds and volume.

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Pantech states that the display is privacy protected, which means no one other than the user will be able to see the display. Also, a fingerprint sensor is present on the phone to provide enhanced security. Pantech Vega Secret Up will be available in two color variations, black and white, and will hit the Korean market later this month.

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