Venezuela Ratifies Asylum Decision For Snowden

/ 5 years ago


Venezuela has already confirmed that it has received Edward Snowden’s asylum request and now it has reportedly ratified the asylum request.

El Nuevo Empresario reports that the Venezuelan foreign affairs minister announced the decision to grant Snowden asylum has been fully ratified by the Venezuelan government and relevant authorities in Venezuela. He also clarified that Snowden wrote in his asylum request that he believed he would be persecuted and politically imprisoned or killed if he ever returned to the USA, his homeland.

A TV station yesterday stated that Snowden had already chosen Venezuela as his asylum nation of choice but WikiLeaks denied that stating it was untrue and that Snowden still has other options on the table to contemplate.

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Even if Snowden accepts requests in one of his three options so far (Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua) he still has to get safely to those nations without traversing airspace where a valid international U.S issued arrest warrant could force his flight to land, resulting in his arrest and then extradition to the USA.

Venezuela have stated they are still awaiting Edward Snowden’s final decision on whether he will accept the offer.

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One Response to “Venezuela Ratifies Asylum Decision For Snowden”
  1. Wayne says:

    If he can’t get there without traversing US air space how’s he gonna get there? Swim?

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