Venezuela Says Asylum Offer For Snowden Has Deadline

/ 5 years ago

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Edward Snowden recently received political asylum offers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia taking his total number of options to three, if you exclude the fact he rejected Russia’s asylum offer. Yet despite this Edward Snowden has to move fast because, according to NBC, Venezuela have given Edward Snowden until the end of today, Monday July 8th, to make up his mind.

“There has not been any type of communication. We are waiting until Monday to know whether he confirms his wish to take asylum in Venezuela,” said the Foreign Minister Elias Jaua on state television

Having been stuck at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport now since June 23rd Edward Snowden has been stuck in political-limbo after the U.S revoked his passport and Russia refused to let him enter the country unless he accepted their conditions for asylum, which he didn’t.

With the offer from Venezuela on the table Snowden would be foolish to say no. Even if he does accept getting to Venezuela could be the hard part as the USA has opted to dump arrest warrants on more or less every nation in the world in an effort to restrict airspace for Edward Snowden’s flight.

Image courtesy of Nicolas Maduro

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3 Responses to “Venezuela Says Asylum Offer For Snowden Has Deadline”
  1. Wayne says:

    I don’t know why he refused political asylum in Russia. As far as I know all he has to do is marry some bimbo who proposed to him. If I were him I’d do that, wait until everything has calmed down, dump the broad then get the hell outta Dodge.

    • JMHJ says:

      I could imagine that marrying that Russian women would put him into a tight spot with the russian law, maybe its not so easy to get out of it again. Or he just morally doesnt want to “fake a marriage”, he is American after all so he might be too religious to do it. :p

      • Wayne says:

        Apparently the woman who approached him about marriage was also an American in exile, also in some kind of strife with the US government. If I was in his predicament with the US government baying for my blood I wouldn’t let my religious beliefs get in my way.
        I think the Russian official who issued that statement about Snowden marrying that American woman was just trying his hand at some humour. I wouldn’t take it seriously.

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