Venezuelan President Would Consider Snowden Asylum Request

/ 4 years ago

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While Edward Snowden is believed to be seeking political Asylum with the Ecuadorian government, Venezuela’s president has given Edward Snowden another option. Nicolas Maduro has stated that even though Snowden has not made such a request to Venezuela, they would consider it if they received it.

“We haven’t received a formal request for political asylum from Snowden it seems, such a request was made to the president of Ecuador…If such a request is received, we would also consider it since a political asylum is in any way a measure of humanitarian protection” said Nicolas Madura to Itar-Tass.

Furthermore he states that Edward Snowden has surprised the world with his actions and what he has done should improve the lives of many people. He says that Edward Snowden’s actions are important for humanity because no one has the right to spy on other people. Both the president and foreign minister of Ecuador have also issued similar statements with similar sentiments.

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Image courtesy of Nicolas Maduro

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    That’s nice sentiment..

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