Versatile Mask Headphone Doubles up as a Personal Theatre

/ 2 years ago

dashbon maskWho knew that carrying a movie theater around could be so easy? I’m talking about the Mask headphone, which was created by a company called Dashbon. What makes this particular device special is the fact the bridge linking its two earpieces incorporates a visual display. Using a simple HDMI cable, you’ll soon be able to watch your favorite movies or play video games in complete privacy, as nobody else would be able to hear or see what you’re experiencing.

This makes the Mask an ideal choice for those who travel often, whether we’re talking about tiresome daily commutes to work or boring trips to universities. The device can also be used conventionally for audio purposes only, and it can be paired up with pretty much any smartphone or media player out there. If you would like to purchase the Mask, you should be prepared to spend between $330 and $370 depending on how many you plan to order. Deliveries are set to commence in October 2015.

I think these headphones look a bit big for my taste but I cannot argue with their practicality. Have a look at the following video and let us know what you think about them!

Thank you Gizmodiva for providing us with this information.

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