VESA introduces newer DisplayPort standard to provide 1080p 3D @ 60Hz/4K UHD @ 30Hz

/ 5 years ago

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA for short) has recently updated their standard to provide a higher resolution on their DisplayPort Dual-mode standard. The new standard is expected to be available to consumer later this year on personal computers and cable adapters.

The currently available DisplayPort Dual-Mode converters gives an output of 1080p at 60 Hz with 24-bit colour with TMDS clock rate of 165 MHz. The new standard ensures improved interoperability, and enabling higher data rate transfers through DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapters. This way it provides HDMI 1.4 display mode of 1080p 3D at 60 Hz and even 4K UHD content up to 30 Hz frame rate via a single cable with TMDS rate of 300 MHz.

Other than that, it will provide deeper colours in the current 1080p resolution that’s commonly adopted by the mass. The older adapters will now be referred as “Type 1” adapters. The newer standard will be called as Type 2 adapters and it has backward compatibility.

Via: Techspot

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