VIA APC back in stock again

/ 5 years ago

VIA’s incredibly popular APC is finally available for purchase again after the first batch all but sold out instantly. The Avatar APC 8750 went on pre order back in May and was depleted very quickly although consumers had to wait till mid July to get the device. Newegg has listed the miniature PC as in stock but if past trends are anything to go by then don’t expect this to last long at all.

VIA APC 8750 is a small, neo-ITX PC based on a 800 MHz ARMv6 CPU and a GPU capable of 720p (Rasperry Pi supports 1080p for half the price). Pricing is $59.99, or 48.86 Euros (based on current exchange rates). Due to its HDMI port, LAN, USB connectors and other connectivity, most users should have an easy time turning a normal HDTV into an Android 2.3 Gingerbread Smart TV or getting off the ground with a really basic PC.

More information can be found on official VIA APC website at

“APC was not built like an ordinary PC. For openers, we started with an awareness that the purpose of a computer is to connect to the Internet. It is the Internet that now defines computing. When you begin here, magic happens.

Expensive, overpowered CPUs and bloated software are no longer relevant. With this awareness, we were able to drop power consumption to the point of making an energy-saving light-bulb jealous.”


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