Video ads coming to your Facebook News Feed

/ 5 years ago

Facebook seems to be gearing up to launch video ads that will appear in our news feeds in April at the latest in an effort to bring new source of advertisement revenues for the company. The advertisement will appear on both desktops and mobile versions of Facebook.
But if you think that it’s not that bad as long as you don’t hit the play button, then you may be wrong. It is said that the ads will start playing automatically. Its not decided whether or not if audio will also play at the same time.

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Del Rey of Ad Age said that this is the company’s efforts to bring revenue from advertisers who usually buy TV Ad spots and most likely will cap the videos with 15 second limit.

But then again- and understandably- this would be disruptive to users at work especially if they play audio automatically. Video ads on mobile devices may also disrupt other activies on the phone as well.

Via: Business Insider

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