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A Smartphone Not Yet Announced Was Delivered by Amazon?

Moto Z4

When one of the major smartphone manufacturers plans to release a new product, there is always generally a clamour of excitement. Specifically, how good it will be and, more importantly, when it will be released. While perhaps not too many people will be jumping at the prospect of the Motorola Moto Z4, however, one person seems to have got rather lucky!

Despite not even being formally announced yet, YouTube user ‘JetFire007‘ has claimed to have successfully ordered and received the Moto Z4! Even more bizarrely, he claims to have received it via Amazon!

How Is This Even Possible?

In the video (which you can watch in full below) the user claims to have successfully received the phone via an order placed on Amazon. As above, this is more than a little weird as it has not even been formally announced by Motorola. Yet alone have any release date.

While we are entirely open to this being a fake, the product in the video looks a little too good to dismiss. Is this is fake, it’s a very well constructed forgery.

We suspect that there’s been a boob somewhere at the online retailer!


It is rumoured that the Moto Z4 will be received in two variants. One of which that will come specifically pre-loaded with Amazon apps. As such, it’s more than possible that Amazon already has the phones in their possession. In addition, it’s also possible that, by accident, it briefly managed to hit the store. It is, however, more than a little bizarrely that they didn’t notice it and even shipped it!

A quick cursory scan doesn’t appear to show this available now. So if you want to try your luck yourself you’re welcome to try, but don’t expect to get as lucky as this guy!

What do you think? Are you interested in this new smartphone? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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