Viper Gaming Steel RGB 32GB 3600MHz Memory DDR4 Review

How Much Does It Cost?

As is always the case with things in 2020, the memory appears to be out of stock. The best thing to do now is to hit up their Amazon store and keep an eye out for stock. If previous Patriot Viper Gaming memory is anything to go by, prices should be very competitive. For now though, I can recommend their Blackout series, which lacks RGB but still has all that awesome performance.


It certainly makes my job easier when brands send me such awesome hardware. The Patriot Viper Gaming memory kit smashed through our benchmarks and delivered some pretty fantastic results overall. That’s no big surprise though, as 3600 MHz is faster than most of the kits I’ve tested, with 3200 MHz being the norm. So the faster kit is faster, that’s no big surprise, but overall it’s still a pretty swift kit that’s going to be great for productivity and gaming focused builds.

The large heat spreader design is pretty slim, but the extra height does help keep things in check. I was able to sneak in a small overclock, taking the kit to a rather tasty 3800 MHz, but the gains aren’t particularly huge and leaving it on XMP will do just fine for many.

Of course, many of the kits I’ve tested are 16GB (2x8GB), while this was a 32GB (2x16GB) kit, so it had an advantage there.


Viper Gaming kept the design really simple on this one, and I like that. A lot of RGB memory is super glitzy and flashy, which is cool, but often jacks the price up way too much. The simple matte black heat spreaders look neat and tidy and will blend into any build easily enough. The RGB looks great, and the slimmer light bar looks great without being overly bright. It feels weird saying that RGB memory is understated, but as I said, some kits are so over the top, it’s actually possible.

Should I Buy Them?

While stock issues persist on many tech products, they will resolve themselves in time. The Patriot Viper Gaming memory kits are some of the best out there, and their new RGB kits are sure to be priced competitively, and still offer some of the better performance figures we’ve had in some time. Clocking in at 3600 MHz and 32GB makes this one of the best equipped kits we’ve tested, however, they do make other sets offering a range of speeds and capacity to suit your budget.

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