Virgin Media Customers Lose Service After Internal Error

/ 3 years ago


A number of Virgin Media customers found themselves starved of internet access last weekend, as a bug crashed the ISP’s child filtering system.

The Websafe service is utilised by Virgin to prevent children seeing inappropriate content, a system used by all UK ISPs. For customers, use of the service is optional, however it has been reported that too much of Virgin Media’s internet traffic was routed through the server in charge of the filtering, causing it to crash. Subsequently, a significant number of Virgin Media customers found themselves unable to access any websites on Saturday (8th November). Virgin has said that they apologised to customers, however a number of them responded in anger on social media, with many concerned that their browsing activity was being filtered even though they opted out of the service.

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Virgin advised customers to reboot their router to fix the problem and they have since resolved the issues with the server itself.

Source: The Register

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