Vuzix Blade Smart AR Glasses are Now Available for $999

Finally Available for Purchase

New York-based Vuzix has finally begun taking orders for their Blade Augmented Reality glasses. The device unveiled at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show delivers enhanced functionality for on-the-go, hands-free, mobile computing requirements.

It is physically chunkier in comparison to something like Google’s Glass. In fact, it looks closer in appearance to NVIDIA‘s 3D Vision glasses. However, the Vuzix Blade does offer quite a bit in terms of features.

Inside is a Quad Core ARM CPU running an Android OS. Its Cobra II DLP based display provides vibrant full-colour viewing and it also has built-in 8 MP camera with 720p video capabilities.

The large area on the side is actually a touchpad for controls. It also has voice control capabilities should users want a true hands-free experience.  Furthermore, it has haptic feedback, rechargeable LiPo batteries, microSD slot, microUSB port and WiFi/BT connectivity.

Blade Companion App

To take advantage of the Blade’s functionality, users have to download the companion App on their phone. It lets users customize their Blade, as well as manage application notifications for the Blade such as email, messages, navigation and media player control.

It is available for both Android via Google Play and iOS devices via the Apple store.

Where Can I Order a Vuzix Blade?

The Vuzix Blade is available now directly from their website for $999 USD.

Ron Perillo

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