Vuzix showcases M100 smart glasses to compete against Google glass

/ 5 years ago

Vuzix has showed off a prototype of a smart glass that would be competing against Google glass. It’s said by The Verge that it will include 720p video recording, 2 GB of storage, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth  The actual screen is tiny with 800 by 480 pixels, but since the distance between the eye and the screen is as minimal as possible, it still looks good.

They were playing only a looped video, but Vuzix said that this prototype, that was displayed in CES 2013, is pretty close to what retails kits will look like.

There’s a small touch-pad that moves a mouse on the M100’s screen- or you can use a phone’s app to control it. The device has 3 buttons but it looks like it’s made for certain uses such as checking out alerts, some photos or maybe movies or apps that do not require your complete attention on the phone.


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