Wacom Unveils 32-inch 4K Cintiq Pro Tablet at CES 2018

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Wacom Unveils 32-inch 4K Cintiq Pro Tablet at CES 2018

Digital art enthusiasts are familiar with Wacom‘s Cintiq line. At CES 2018, they are unveiling their largest drawing tablets yet, including a 24-inch and a 32-inch Cintiq Pro model. These two join the 13-inch and 16-inch models, but provides a much larger space for professionals. The pair also boasts edge-to-edge glass with the 32-inch flagship having a 4K resolution like the 16-inch model. Wacom also claims that these tablets are ideal for “maximum color accuracy”.

The 32-inch model is also ideal for those who think that Dell‘s 27-inch Canvas is not nearly large enough. In fact, the 32-inch Cintiq Pro is about 4x larger than an Apple iPad.

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Wacom Unveils 32-inch 4K Cintiq Pro Tablet at CES 2018

Pro Pen 2 Technology

These tablets leverage Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 technology, providing 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This allows for supreme accuracy when it comes to emulating a real-life pen or brush.

Pricing Information and Availability

The 24-inch model will be available soon around late February. Users can choose between pen-only or pen-and-touch display versions with a $2000 USD starting price. The 32-inch model on the other hand will not be available until spring time. Moreover, it will only be available in the pen-and-touch option for $3,300 USD. In comparison, the current 16-inch model costs $1500 USD, while the 13-inch version costs $1000 USD.

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