Walmart Enters Pricing War with Amazon

/ 3 years ago


Black Friday and Cyber Monday plans are already in full swing for major American based retailers Walmart and Amazon. These two famous shop-till-you-drop holidays are set to churn massive sales figures for retail giants.

One of USA’s biggest retailers, Wal-Mart has reportedly made a brave decision to price match Amazon US in any of their products in these upcoming sale frenzies. Wal-Mart’s price match guarantee has been advertised to include any advertised sale price and extends across their brick-and-mortar to online stores.

Previously this sale matching guarantee didn’t include Amazon, reportedly due to Wal-Mart’s apparent higher cost for storage of retail items and Amazon’s 10-year experience in the field. This recent change comes as a shock to many and may prove that Wal-Mart either have something to prove, or are desperate for market share.

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Wal-Mart have claimed that this price matching offer is to help generate sales year-round, saying that quite often they will see customers walk into their premises ready to purchase a product, but will then wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to purchase at a saving. Many media outlets are reporting that this decision will not affect Wal-Marts profits too heavily and their US CEO Greg Foran agrees.

Don’t be confused however, Wal-Mart’s price match will reportedly not cover only Black Friday and Cyber Monday – they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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