Want to Play The Order 1886 Without Black Borders? Buy a 21:9 Monitor!

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I’ll start this by saying that spending just over $900 on a monitor, such as the LG 34UM95 that this particular reddit user owns, is a damn expensive way to play a game that can’t actually use the true resolution of the display. The Order, like many console games of the last two generations, runs at a sub-HD resolution of 1920×800. The game has been slammed in many reviews for its persistent black borders and while this does save the devs some performance by capping the number of on screen pixels, it’s a tool used by many filmmakers to display a 21:9 image, which can be quite impressive for immersion when done right (at least in movies).

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Fire the game up on a 21:9 monitor and you can ditch the black bars completely, taking full advantage of the display and I have to admit, it looks pretty damn fine; it’s just an expensive way to go about it as few people own a screen in this format.

the order

We’ve got the game in for review ourselves, so display size aside, we’ll let you know how it goes soon enough.

Thank you Gearnuke for providing us with this information.

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  • lol nice but not practical until/if ever they make games most/if not all games with borders. i’m fine with it as it is, once u start playing, u forget that its even there, just like watching movies these days then! 😉