War Z hits numerous controversies within a day, gets pulled from Steam

/ 5 years ago

Within a day, the new game “War Z” has received a lot of criticism throughout Steam and the gaming community. It started off by Steam removing the game after multiple gamers criticized the zombie survival game for misleading advertisement, suspicious micro transactions on top of the game’s cost and even forum censorship – although the game developers defended themselves in an interview that 93% of customers liked the game.

This lead to another heated debated in Reddit where gamers complained that War Z’s Steam description was misleading.

This is the screenshot of the game before widespread criticism:

Whereas how it stands now, can be seen here:

But still contrary to what Hammerpoint Interactive, the developer of War Z, claims in the game description, players have said that the map is only 75 Sq. km and that there is no hardcore game preset.
It is also worth noting that War-Z looks a lot like “Day Z”. Day Z is free of charge but requires you to have ARMA II and Operation Arrowhead whereas War Z costs $15 on steam.

The 60 minute respawn, a controversial addition to the game, was modified with a patch where each respawn now costs 50 in-game gold coins – which will cost you $0.40 in real money. Many gamers are angry that a patch has been introduced after thousands have bought it which introduces these micro transactions. One has to be cynical as kotaku pointed out.

Bans on people who have complained about this have been happening since the Beta release. Hammerpoint banned roughly three thousand players without giving away any proof for their reasons. It was also lying about the quality of their “anti-cheat” system. It seems that Hammerpoint Interactive want to silence and ban the people who have complained about problems and shown evidence for these problems, if this is true and widespread then we could see this backfire greatly on Hammerpoint Interactive.

Source: Kotaku

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