‘WarKitteh’ Smart Collar Turns Your Cat Into Hacking Tool

/ 3 years ago


Security Researcher Gene Bransfield and his accomplice, his wife’s grand motherer’s cat, sound like an unlikely duo for network hacking, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing together! Equipped with a Spark chip, a Wi-Fi module, a GPU module and a battery, Coco the cats collar is pretty high tech. As the cat wonders the neighbourhood, Coco the cat helps Gene identify Wi-Fi networks in and around the local neighbourhood.

The cat and his collar is capable of discovering all unsecured networks, or at least the poorly secured ones, WAP names and more. Coco found dozens of networks, several of which were easily hacked and four that had no security at all… to be honest, I’m not surprised.

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Dubbed WarKitteh, the smart collar cost less than $100 to make and while the creator admits its more of a goofy hack that a security threat, it’s just another way of reminding us that our networks need to be more secure… especially given that there are now cats stealing your SSID’s.

Thank you HotHardware for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of HotHardware.

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