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Warner Bros. Launch Amazing ‘Family Favorites’ Sale!

With us all being told (rather sensibly I might add) to stay at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, the chances are that you’ve been hunting down some TV or films to entertain you. Well, in announcing a pretty huge sale, Warner Bros are offering some of their most beloved family films with free delivery and a whopping 25% off the marked price!

Warner Bros Launch Huge Family Favorite DVD Sale

So, what’s on offer in the sale? Well, despite it being family orientated, I’m that impressed with it that A) I’m writing this to tell you about it and B) I’ve just purchased three of them myself!

Some of the key highlights include (with their non-discounted price):

  • Detective Pikachu (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • Every Harry Potter Film (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £6.99/£9.99
  • Ready Player One (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • The Goonies (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • The Neverending Story (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version) (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • Space Jam (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99
  • The Iron Giant (DVD and Blu-Ray) – £4.99 /£7.99

Remember, these are the main listed prices. As such, with use of the code “FAMILY25” you can get 25% knocked off these prices. In other words, you can get 3 blu-rays (excluding the Harry Potter films), with free delivery, for less than £20! Sounds awesome to me!

What Do We Think?

I’ll admit that more often than not, sales like this don’t interest me. Based on some of the amazing films available here, however, I couldn’t help but buy three of them myself. Just in case you’re curious, The Neverending Story, The Goonies and The Iron Giant. The latter of which I wholeheartedly recommend as one of the best (and underrated) family films ever made!

So, if you are after some cheap and amazing films to pass the time, this sale is probably perfect for you. You can check out the official promotional website via the link here!

What do you think? Do you have any film favorites on sale here? Are you going to buy any? If so, which have you picked? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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