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Warzone Ban Wave Hits 60,000 Accounts With More to Come!

I really love Call of Duty Warzone, but it’s hard to deny that one of the most significant issues facing the game at the moment is cheating. – It is perhaps something more than a little coincidental that I just happened to be playing it with my friends only yesterday and encountered at least two separate instances of what we all agreed was ‘highly-suspicious’ aiming from opposing players. Of course, another major issue when cheating becomes so prevalent in a game is that you begin to question everything. It gets harder to know when to actually submit a report out of true purposes rather than misplaced anger.

On a more positive note, however, following a Twitter post by the developer ‘Raven Software,’ they have confirmed that over the last few days, a new ban wave has been introduced that has seen around 60,000 accounts permanently disabled within Warzone. Better still, they promise that more are on the way!

COD Warzone Ban Wave Hits 60,000 Accounts!

As part of the post, while it has been confirmed that 60,000 accounts have now been banned due to suspicious activity, this is clearly still something of a moderate drop in the ocean. Mainly since Warzone is a free-to-play game and creating a new account, ultimately, isn’t that much of a chore despite some efforts to make it harder having been put in place. Let’s be honest, a lot of those 60,000 players are probably already back on Warzone as we speak.

However, it should be noted that given the popularity of Call of Duty Warzone, we daresay that cheating, without a doubt, remains one of the most major issues they are looking to ‘fix’. Mainly as it has already resulted in several people permanently quitting the game mode and, for console users, going to the lengths of disabling cross-play since cheating is clearly far more prevalent on PC.

Will It Get Better?

I hope so, but let’s face it, cheating isn’t new in competitive online shooters and has always been something that developers have typically faced an uphill battle with. If allowed to get too bad, though, it can lead to serious consequences. For example, while PUBG is still a big game, it’s hard to deny the impact that aim botters had within that and the number of people who enjoyed the game, but not necessarily the experience.

So, 60,000 accounts are banned, and that’s certainly good. However, I hope that this really is just the beginning of some far more proactive action in Warzone!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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