Watch: Blind Man Uses Bionic Eye to See Again

/ 3 years ago

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Allen Zderared lost his sight more than 10 years ago, but thanks to new technology that has led to the development of a ‘bionic eye’, he can now ‘see’ again. The Guardian captured the moment he saw his wife for the first time in a decade – an incredible moment that only technology could make possible.

The technology in question allows Zderared to “see shapes and human forms” – something that many of us would consider limited, but incredible for a man who has seen nothing for so long.

Be sure to watch the video below, it really is quite a moving moment.

Source: The Guardian

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One Response to “Watch: Blind Man Uses Bionic Eye to See Again”
  1. Perfectjake says:

    This is great. It’s a shame it couldn’t be used with people that were born blind and only those that went blind at some stage in life. Even still great success

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