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Watch Command & Conquer Remastered AI Enhanced FMVs

There are so many gaming remakes and remasters this last few years, and so far, most of them have been absolutely stunning to play. However, do you remember those tremendous Command & Conquer FMV videos? They were unlike anything else I was experiencing in gaming at the time. However, they had some truly horrendous limitations too.

The source footage was massively compressed, and that’s on top of their tiny resolution of 320 x 200. Putting that on a 4K display is going to look blockier than a game of dominoes. 25 years have not been kind to the quality, let’s put it that way.


Thankfully, they’ve got AI on their side. Petroglyph has been using an AI algorithm to bring them back to life. Electronic Arts and Petroglyph have released a video too. They went hunting for some long-lost Westwood gaming assets, which is amazing as they were thought to have been throwing in a dumpster. Actual videotapes, hundreds of them, full of footage and more that they can also scan and enhance to bring the remaster up to modern spec. I can’t freaking wait to see the final results.

So Petroglyph is working on the AI algorithm to upscale the video. However, Lemon Sky Studios are working on bringing the game up to 4K. Check out the video below, it’s pretty fascinating stuff and get hyped for the upcoming remaster.

“Command & Conquer and Red Alert are two of the most genre defining Real Time Strategy games in history. These are the games you loved… now remastered for the first time. Created by the former Westwood Studios™ team members at Petroglyph Games alongside the dedicated community, every game element has been recreated in authentic and stunning 4K detail – including the completely remastered legendary soundtrack by Frank Klepacki.”

Peter Donnell

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