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Watch Henry Cavill Build A Gaming PC!

Despite being a Hollywood Superstar, it’s no secret that actor Henry Cavill really loves his PC gaming. What games does he like? Well, he enjoys the Total War franchise, The Witcher, but he’s mostly known for being a pretty huge fan of World of Warcraft. There’s even a story he once told that he missed the call when he got the role of Superman because he was tanking a raid at the time.

Following the release of a video on his Instagram account, however, if you needed any clue that, despite his fame, he really is a geek at heart, then you can check him out as he builds his very own gaming PC.

Henry Cavill Builds a Gaming PC

Using some hefty components, it’s pretty clear that he’s got a bit of a monster build on his hands here. Dismissing any theory that he might be a ‘casual’ PC owner, however, the video shows that he assembles his build remarkably well. In fact, even with my most critical hat on, I only found two aspects where (in my opinion) he mildly went off the tracks. You may disagree, but here we go:

  • He re-installed the cooler block when he saw the image was upside down. I’m pretty certain you can rotate this directly in the NZXT software.
  • I think he was a little overgenerous with his thermal paste application when he re-installed the block. I didn’t like the use of the spreader much either, but each to their own! – The community will never agree on thermal paste applications!

What Do We Think?

Despite these very minor criticisms, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Henry Cavill clearly knows what he’s doing when building a PC. In fact, despite it not being his profession, if you wanted a how-to video, then this is certainly more useful than the one The Verge put out!

Still, if you’re reading this Mr. Cavill, kudos to you for your amazing PC! – And PS – My wife would very much like to spend the night with you, and not because she wants you to build her a PC.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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