Wavemaster Moody 2.1 Speaker System Review

/ 5 years ago

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In the box I found that the Moody came with a pair of 3.5mm audio cables, 3.5mm to AUX adaptor, volume controller, sub woofer and of course the satellite speakers. Pretty much everything you need to get setup and use the speakers and its always nice to see all the audio connection cables included.


The audio controller comes fitted with a hard wired proprietary cable that connects to the back of the sub woofer. This controller gives you a well styled dial that controllers power on/off as well as overall volume of the device. It also comes fitted with Headphone, Microphone and Line In jack plug sockets. The most interesting is Microphone as this allows you to line-through the controller, through the sub and to your PCs microphone port and while this sounds a bit of an fuss it does mean you don’t have to do behind your PC when you need to plug in your headset.


The speakers a really nicely designed and while the do sport a lightweight plastic construction, their overall build quality is rather good, there are no rought edges or signs of a cheap construction, giving the set a premium quality appearance.

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They also feature removable covers and while that is just a matter of preference in terms of design and functionality, they do look rather good with the covers off and the body of the speakers also features the Wavemaster logo to add a little touch of style to the design, much like the name panel on the speaker covers.


On the reverse of the speakers you can see they are hard wired and each features an AUX jack plug for connection to the sub woofer, another welcome feature is the bracket mount at the top that will support most universal brackets or just a simple “hang it on a screw” method for direct wall mounting.


The sub woofer is of a good size, by which I mean its pretty large. Its made from glued MDF, but thanks to some rounded edges and the application of some silver coloured trim it also looks quite stylish and it looks as good or better than other speaker sets within this price range.


Around the back we have a good size bass port, individual bass and treble controls, line in, microphone out, controller in, left/right speaker connections and a master power switch.


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2 Responses to “Wavemaster Moody 2.1 Speaker System Review”
  1. Dave says:

    Nice review, might be looking for some better speakers than I have at the moment these sound great so make take a look thanks.

    • aruffell says:

      a great price too, which I think will be a great selling point to anyone after something simple that looks great and sounds good too.

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