Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive Review

/ 6 years ago

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A lot of talk has been about solid state drives lately and rightly so as they are one of the most beneficial components into a system that money can buy. By the addition of a SSD, a system can be boosted but it comes at a cost and sadly doesn’t offer much in terms of price per Gigabyte.

What a lot of users are tending to go for these days is a smaller size solid state drive to simply run their operating system whilst their games and storage is moved over to a large mechanical style drive and with more companies than ever before offering drives with higher capacities per platter, it’s an easy decision to make if needing a lot of storage.

Casting your mind back to this time last year, the 750GB per platter boundary was broken and were quickly implemented into drives and sold by the truck load but ended up being quite costly, used a lot of power and in turn generated a mass amount of heat. This clearly wasn’t a viable option, though the likes of Seagate and other well-known brands continued to sell these drives in succession, whilst the likes of Western Digital sat back to admire what was about to come.

Moving forward ever so slightly and Western Digital brought their 3TB Caviar Green drive to market which only uses four platters, opposed to five which means less heat, less power and also brings the price down for the consumers which is a typical win, win, win situation for everyone involved and will also give that slight edge to them over the competition.

Today we’re taking a look at that very drive to see if performance is hindered in any way or whether this drive really can do it all whilst offering a huge capacity for space at the same time.

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2 Responses to “Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive Review”
  1. Tobi says:

    Why do you test a green drive and don´t measure power consuption? How much difference makes that one platter? Not just advertisement?

  2. Tretas says:

    Very Slow……………. even for a green One !!!!!

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