Western Digital publishes “World Back-Up Day” findings

/ 6 years ago

Western Digital has announced the results of a UK consumer survey held on March 27th 2012, which reveals that 68% of consumers now backup their important information held on personal computers, which compares very favourably with the 31% who did so in a similar survey in 2008.  This could be because 45% of those surveyed had lost data through computer crashes, virus attack, theft and other reasons. The survey also revealed that the most important information consumers store on their computers is photos and videos at 57%, with private documents coming in at 25%. So consumers are clearly learning that their information is important to them and should be backed up onto a separate medium – which is the good news.

The survey also reveals, however, that worryingly only 22% of people backup their computers in real time or several times a week.  This leaves 78% at risk of losing data with irregular backup habits.  If these people are added to the 32% who do not backup at all, there is still a very large number of people taking a chance with their important information.

“WD supports the World Backup Day as official sponsors”, said Danny Mauerhofer, WD Head of Public Relations EMEA & India, “because we really feel that there is a long way to go, and a lot of educational work to be done, before people understand the importance of making a copy of their data. Our vision is that in a couple of years data loss will be only found as a topic in history books.”

Source: PR

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