Western Digital isn’t Ending the SanDisk Brand – Update!

Article Update!

Within the article below, we reported that Western Digital was planning to discontinue the SanDisk branding and absorb the company under their own umbrella. Following contact made to us by the company, however, we need to amend this news rather significantly.

The press release made by Western Digital (which you can check out here) was solely intended for (and only applies to) the Japanese market. Unfortunately, however, due to a communication error, it was incorrectly misinterpreted to be a worldwide decision/announcement regarding the ‘overall’ future of the ‘SanDisk’ brand. – The press release made, however, did not specifically cite that this was only applicable in Japan. Hence the error in our article below and why Western Digital contacted us to correct it. Put simply, the announcement made is only surrounding a trade name change within Japan.

We can, therefore, happily confirm that SanDisk will continue to operate in all markets as usual and that they will do so under their own name! – Put simply, practically nothing has changed!

We wish to thank Western Digital for reaching out to us to clarify this announcement.

The original article (which is now outdated information) can be found below:


It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that over the years, as within practically all industries, brands are often purchased (or consumed in some cases) by other generally bigger companies but often continue to retain their original naming. For example, Tata Motors owns Jaguar, but you don’t see the brand new i-Pace being sold with a ‘Tata’ badge on the front. Put simply, it is sometimes more important (or at least wiser) to retain the original branding rather than trying to impose something new.

It seems, however, that following an official announcement by Sandisk, parent company ‘Western Digital‘ has decided to officially bring their branding to an end.

SanDisk Branding to End!

With this announcement, as of January 1st, 2021, any products currently being manufactured under the ‘SanDisk’ branding will be formally changed to either ‘Western Digital’ or ‘Western Digital GK’. As such, don’t be too shocked if you find that in the new year, when potentially looking for a new SSD or flash-card, that you can’t find anything under the SanDisk name.

It will still be out there, but it’ll have just been taken into the larger fold of ‘Western Digital’ branding.

What Do We Think?

More than anything, we must admit that it’s still a little surprising that Western Digital has taken this decision. Yes, they may own them and, as such, are perfectly entitled to do this, but SanDisk is still a highly-recognizable brand with consumers, and bringing the name to an end is certainly a rather unexpected turn.

As above though, as consumers, you shouldn’t worry. ‘SanDisk’ products will still continue to exist and be available, but as of January 1st, 2021, you might need to consider looking for them under the ‘Western Digital’ name.

For more information, you can check out the official ‘Western Digital’ website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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