Western Digital VelociRaptor 3 x 1TB RAID 0 Review

/ 5 years ago

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Following our recent look at Western Digital’s revitalised VelociRaptor drives, the performance on offer from a single drive is by no means limited, with super fast access times and a huge capacity. In comparison to some of the latest SSDs however the performance is a little lacking, but due to the wonder that is RAID, we can link multiple drives together to get even more speed and even more capacity in a single logical disk.

For those that are not fully aware on the operations of RAID0, this particular array encompasses the speed factor each drive with the speed directly linked to the number of drives in the array and likewise with the overall capacity. Unfortunately this type of array has no fault tolerance and consequently a failure of one or more disks results in the entire array falling over and data being lost with no chance of recovery. That all said, RAID0 is one of the more popular RAID types that we find used purely because of the speed that can be had.

What we want to see here is how the performance from only three VelociRaptors stacks up when marked against some of the fastest SSDs on the current market.

Before we dive in, be sure to take a look at our full single drive review as well, to get a in depth look on the drive itself and how they perform as individual units.

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One Response to “Western Digital VelociRaptor 3 x 1TB RAID 0 Review”
  1. kwaio says:

    Nowhere do you speak about a very important parameter and dak side of velociraptors : their noise.
    An SSD is 100% noiseless which is in many configurations a very important parameter.

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