What’s the Difference Between PC and Console Gaming? Watch This Video!

/ 3 years ago


Gaming on consoles can be great fun, I know, I’ve owned plenty of consoles throughout my life and still do. Gaming can be fun regardless of format, but PC has one magical aspect that I’ve enjoyed the most, that sets it apart from its console gaming counterparts, I am of course talking about mods!

Skyrim is one of the best games ever created as far as the modding community is concerned. The game has had thousands of mods that take its graphics to the next level, just check out this gallery of stunning mods for examples. Then again, not everything has to be taken too seriously and as you’ll see in the video below, PC game modding has many extremes and this video is enough to make any console gamer green with envy.

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The video contains its fair share of strong language, it’s certainly NSFW.

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4 Responses to “What’s the Difference Between PC and Console Gaming? Watch This Video!”
  1. Mike Laste says:

    What the fuckk

  2. Porkalicious says:

    I love that video <3

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